• Little place !

    Big experience!

    Travel has never been so easy !

  • A new way of travel !

    Our dome system transcribes any environment and provides you with a unique experience .

    We can give you a new way to travel quickly , without problems , safely and cheaply !

  • Perfect sound

    Professional quality  with a 360° sound system

    Listen and enjoy the experience as if you were there

  • Detailed world

    Our Advanced technology gives you the feel of wind , heat , humidity and many other environmental factors

    A world recreated in details

  • Immersive 3D VR

    Discover surroundings through a VR headset with full HD 360° spheric video

    Teleport your mind !

  • How does it work ?

    Learn more about the dome

    Sound system

    The sound is insured by several speakers (7.1) and professional audio equipment

    Environment system

    We created a environment with several sensors and lots of devices which can recreate humidity, heat, wind, motion, etc

    VR system

    With Oculus Rift system and professional 3D full HD video so that you can see things as if you were there

  • Join us !

    If you need more information please send us questions or follow the progress of the project and participate to the preview

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